Teaching Awards

Student Teaching Award 2020
Nominated and won the SRC Student Teaching Awards 2020 in the category: Best Graduate Teaching Assistant.
Student Teaching Awards 2020 Website
Recognising Excellence in Teaching
I have also been awarded Associate Fellowship of Recognising Excellence in Teaching at the University of Glasgow.
Recognising Excellence in Teaching Certificate

Course Modules

Graduate Courses

  1. Growth and Development
  2. Quantitative Data Analysis

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Economics 3: Economic Policies and Growth
  2. Economics 1B
  3. Public Economics (Honours)
  4. Quantitative Methods 1 (Honours)
  5. Quantitative Methods 2 (Honours)
  6. Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences
  7. Social Inequality in Education


Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences

taught in 2019:
  • A gentle Introduction to R Data Manipulation with R
  • Data Manipulation with R

Q-Step Centre, University of Glasgow

taught in 2017-2018:
  • An Introduction to Excel
  • Data Analysis: How to work with R

Never stop learning!

"'If you want to learn something well, explain it"
- Richard Feynman

Student Feedback

“The tutor explained very well, he showed passion for the subject which made the class interesting and engaging. The exercises helped me develop skills and knowledge and the tutor clarified all doubts.”
“Made sure everyone understood the concepts, explained every question after someone answered it.”
"The tutor was very thorough in here explanation and gave some interesting economic intuition insights."
"Nicely summarized, reviewed and linked content. Approachable and friendly tutor, allowed students to set the pace of the tutorial. I liked how we could discuss our answers with our peers before taking it to the class- alleviated doubts and made easier to discuss answers to the class as a whole. Wells structured and tutor explained the content very well. I really enjoyed this tutorial, thank you!"